What we do

TV 35 proudly presents:

Board of Ed Meetings taped and played back later
This program provides a first-hand look at how the local school system operates
Producer: Jack Duffy/Cranford Board of Education

Township Committee Meetings Broadcast Live & replayed later.
Residents can keep up with the latest township news by tuning in live to the Township Committee meetings
Producer: Ed Davenport

Zoning & Planning Board Meetings Broadcast LIVE & replayed later
A first hand look at our town’s boards that monitor, change & enforce the rules of building & land usage
Producer: Ed Davenport

Where have the Cameras/Cameramen gone in Town Hall?
Last year we lost 2 of our older cameras in the meeting hall to old age.

In March 2009 we replaced them with a robotic camera system that is controlled from the basement Studio.  This also allows us better coverage  of Zoning & Planning Board Meetings. So if you see poor camera shot in the next few weeks, It’s one of the volunteers learning the new equipment.


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